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Cy-Woods Schedule

2017 Varsity Lacrosse Schedule

Cy-Ranch Schedule

2017 Varsity Lacrosse Schedule

NCAA Lacrosse TV Schedule

The new 2017 NCAA TV lacrosse schedule.  

MLL TV Schedule

Lots of Major League Lacrosse left and you can follow the above link to check the schedule and see where you can watch the games.


2018 Fall Clinic Registration is LIVE!!

This season, we are kicking our clinics in to high-gear with Speed Lacrosse!  Whether you only play in the Spring Season, or enjoy Fall and Summer ball as well,  Speed Lacrosse is a dynamic and fun way to gain skills quickly!  No standing around! Our clinics will be fun, fast and full of action!



What is Speed Lacrosse?

  • 3 v 3 non contact Lacrosse. 5 players, maximum, per team.
  • Played on a 20 x 40 yard surface.
  • All players pick up ground balls, cradle, pass, catch, dodge, shoot, score, & defend on average ten (10) times more than in a traditional lacrosse game - and all this in half (1/2) the amount of time – this is SPEED’s™ 1/2X10™ formula.
  • SPEED™ has been developed to exponentially raise skill levels for all players, regardless of previous experience.
  • All players are moving non-stop when on the “court”. There is no waiting,  standing or walking in SPEED™.
  • A stick and a mouthguard is the only required equipment (athletic cup recommended for boys).
  • Each player will need a US Lacrosse number. Register for a US Lacrosse number, valid for 1 year, here:


DATES: Sundays, 9/23-11/11 

TIME:  4-5:30pm

LOCATION: Spillane Middle School

PRICE: $225.00 Per Player


Thank you to our sponsors and their generous support of youth lacrosse in the Cy-Fair area.  These dedicated organizations help grow our sport and maximize the experience for our players!  Sincerely, Ironmen Youth Lacrosse 

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